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Two Pints and a Paperback

Latest from the Blog

FILM REVIEW: John Wick 4 (2023)

JW4 seems to share more with Parabellum than it does either of the first two, except it’s even more epic, sprawling and grandiose. I imagine the mantra for this film was: ‘why not?’ Should we have a Samurai Duel? Why not? Should we have a horseback battle in the desert? Why not? Pistols at dawn?…

FILM REVIEW: John Wick 3 (2019)

I’m not sure where to place this one in my John Wick ranking, but I’m leaning towards a close third. It doesn’t have the emotional weight of the first (I think those days are gone for the franchise), even if this films gives us another copy of the same selfie of John and his wife.…

FILM REVIEW: John Wick 2 (2017)

The rewatch continues. Watching the first and second close together shows how much bigger the sequel feels than the original in every way. You can feel the increased budget throughout. Every set piece has more people, more action, and more gore (there’s a lot more brain matter than I remembered). Much of what I remembered…

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